At Evans Meats we offer our customers the freshest seafood by running tight inventories and receiving fish daily. It is our goal to consistently add wild-caught and sustainably farmed fish to our selection.

We don’t run an “everything to everyone” seafood operation. We maintain direct communication with commercial fishing outfits by meeting face to face at the gulf. We believe genuine personal relationships are key in having a strong and diverse seafood offering.

We offer Viking Village — a partner that has long been recognized in all the East Coast markets as the standard-setter for quality in each of the fisheries in which they participate. They offer a “Viking Fresh Sushi Grade” scallop program where every container of scallops are inspected by qualified Viking Village personnel for count, texture, freshness and uniformity. None of their scallops are ever precessed or treated with chemicals, insuring that they retain their as-shucked size, weight, and consistency.

Evans sources its Duart Scottish Salmon from CleanFish farm. CleanFish brings together artisan producers — both fishermen and farmers — and champion them in the marketplace under traceable, transparent brands. Their network of artisans are stewards of their fisheries, and raise hormone-free, antibiotic-free wholesome salmons.

We know that shrimp is staple of many menu items, and Evans is proud to offer Sea Pearl Gulf Shrimp to our customers. With years of experience, Sea Pearl Shrimp has maintained consistently superior standards, and we are confident in their expertise of shrimping and selection.