Beef is the largest and most extensive component of our inventory. We work with boutique, single-plant beef companies, because we know that our beef is only as good as the suppliers with whom we choose to partner.

Our beef is from the American Mid-West—a farm and grassland region known for its abundant corn crop and heritage breed cattle. The region’s climate is ideal for heritage breeds, and the cattle are raised and fed on small family farms. We take time to make sure our suppliers share our values: heritage genetics, proper feeding, and humane handling.

Although genetics is the number one ingredient for great tasting beef, proper diet and humane handling also enhance and promote quality. Great beef requires not only quality cattle, but also quality care.

Consistency is really important. Our preferred, single-plant beef companies are able to maintain high standards in cattle carcass trim levels. Carcasses are trimmed at above-industry standards on a continual basis, and beef primal yields are the best in the industry.

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