At Evans Meats we offer our customers the freshest seafood by running tight inventories and receiving fish daily. It is our goal to consistently add wild-caught and sustainably farmed fish to our selection.

Our company, previously known as “Evans Meats,” exclusively offered land-based proteins, but thirteen years ago, we expanded into “Evans Meats and Seafood,” broadening our portfolio. We started this expansion by asking ourselves, “What differentiates us from everyone else?”  The answer was undeniably our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. As we’ve expanded our inventory into southern waters, our relationships with fishermen, shrimpers, and oyster farmers grew, furthering our confidence in offering the freshest seafood.

Over the years, we saw the need to diversify our portfolio even further, offering products we cannot harvest from the Gulf. We now source from the Atlantic Coast of Florida, the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and West Coast. While the Gulf remains our foundation for the seafood category, including these other waters allows us to offer a full range of products, including fish, shrimp, scallops, mussels, caviar, octopus, and more.

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For a complete list of all cuts and offerings, please view our Product Book:

Product Book