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Rodney Koch Farms | Faith, South Dakota

The native prairie grass area of western South and North Dakota, eastern Wyoming and Montana, and northern Nebraska are often referred to as “Hard Grass Country” by many in the cattle world.


Hard Grass is very dense in energy and protein.  This results in the cattle having good flesh on it as a stand-alone diet.  The cows are in ideal condition and able to produce adequate milk for their calves.  Similarly, the calves graze along side their mothers and consume the same grass which allows them to grow rapidly and express their genetic potential while not getting overly fleshy as if they were consuming a corn-based diet.  There are several native and introduced grass species in this area.  They tend to peak at various times of the growing season which provides proper nutrition year a round to the grazing cow herd.


The genetics of these cattle is top shelf. Predominately Angus genetics…a pinch of Hereford getting added recently for hybrid vigor…makes a black white faced animal.   The ranchers’ pride themselves in the stock they raise.  They do an excellent job with animal husbandry.  They take good care of their animals.  They are always trying to improve the product they produce…beef for our tables

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