Pork is a Southern tradition. We take great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality pork for their own traditional and gourmet recipes.

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Evans Meats and Seafood offers a variety of pork cuts from small family farms committed to breeding American heritage pork. We source from farms that feed their hogs natural grain, and have a strong commitment to antibiotic-free and hormone-free farming.

We work with farms that raise Duroc pigs, Berkshire pigs, and Chester White pigs.  They are all known for exceptional marbling, rich color, high moisture content, and unparalleled taste. These three quality breeds are adapted to outdoors, and the farms we work with ensure that the pigs are given ample space to forage on pasture and forest land. Each pig is hand selected for processing to ensure the full, natural flavor that true pork connoisseurs expect.

We offer St. Louis style, country-style, spare, and loin back ribs. Evans Meats chops are custom cut, to include: boneless, center cut, end cut, frenched to the bone, or smoked. We are prepared to deliver: boston butts, bellies, shanks, cheeks, smoked hocks, and most all other desirable pork products.

For a complete list of all cuts and offerings, please view our Product Book:

Product Book