We offer a full line of fresh domestic lamb from Mountain States Rosen Company, a co-op of ranchers committed to careful handling of the animals and of their land. Mountain States Rosen farms are all family-run operations with generations of experience, and a mission to ensure sustainability for the environment and their families’ future livelihood. The care that goes into Mountain States Rosen lamb, coupled with the unspoiled grazing land of Mountain States Rosen farms, lends itself to the superior quality of the meat. Mountain States Rosen lamb is tender, mild, and perfect for any kitchen.

Our imported lamb comes from Silver Fern farms, located in New Zealand. Named after New Zealand’s symbol of pride and excellence, they farm free-range young sheep on pristine pastures. The high quality of environment at Silver Fern lends itself to the matched quality of their lamb.

For a complete list of all cuts and offerings, please view our Product Book:

Product Book