At Evans Meats, we want to be versatile and provide our customers with options that will best suit their needs. We sell both factory commodity poultry as well as environmentally conscious poultry. Our commodity chicken is fresh daily, so customers can expect maximum shelf life.

We source all our natural poultry from Joyce Farms in North Carolina. The Naked Bird brand, a component of Joyce Farms, offers an alternative to factory farmed commodity chickens. Naked Bird ensures that their chickens are all-natural and held to superior standards. Their chickens are raised cage-free on family farms, and are fed a vegetable diet without antibiotics, hormones, or any other artificial ingredients. Joyce has also developed a unique program with small farmers in the Piedmont area to produce products previously only offered in Europe. Their mission is to preserve heritage breeds, old world farming methods, and artisan production. The Epicure Reserve program offers the Poulet Rouge Fermier, an authentic Label Rouge chicken from France regarded as the best in the world., as well as the Pintade Fermiere, an authentic French Guinea Hen and the Faisan Blanc Fermier, the ultimate Pheasant.

Poultry program

We offer a sized, boneless-skinless breast program, so that customers can maintain consistency on the plate. Whole birds are available split, quartered, or 8-piece cut.


Joyce Farms Perdue

For a complete list of all cuts and offerings, please view our Product Book:

Product Book