Hitachi Wagyu

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Hitachigyu | Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Dream Farm is a family owned farm founded by Hiroya Sato and his wife Hiroko in 1975. Today this 100% Ikkan Keiei (integrated farming system) is operated by both the first and second generation farmer, Haruhiko Sato, and his wife Chiyoko.


On the farm, cows are grazed on ryegrass fertilized by the farm’s own compost system. Cattle are fed with rice straw grown on premises, along with baggasse made from fermented sugar cane for roughage. No antibiotics are ever used for healthy cattle.


The genetics of these cattle are the best of Japanese Wagyu. Cattle are 100% Japanese Black, Kuroge-wagyu born and raised in Ibaraki Prefecture to an average of 30 months before harvesting.


The history of raising excellent quality Japanese black cattle of the Tajima Kuroge-wagyu blood line goes back to 1832. At this time, consumption of this beef was banned for ordinary citizens. Nariaki Tokugawa, the Lord of Mito City (the current capital of the Ibaraki Prefecture) established a small cattle farm called Sakuranomaki. On this small farm, the few head of cattle were raised to produce high quality milk. The present-day Hitachigyu farmers’ commitment to raising high quality cattle goes back to this unique, historical era.


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