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Slaichert Family Farms

St. Ansgar, Iowa

Father and son team, Harlan and Harley Slaichert, farm and feed Angus cattle together on their farm located west of St. Ansgar, Iowa.  The tidy nature of the Slaichert farm shows the attention to detail and pride of ownership they exhibit in doing a good job of managing their resources.  This pride spills over to the cattle they feed resulting  in superior quality beef.

Heifer calves are purchased each fall from Jerry Roseth from Philip, South Dakota.  The Roseth cattle are noted to be some of the highest quality cattle to walk the grasslands of the central plains.  After weaning from their mothers in November, calves are transported by truck to the Slaichert farm where they will grow and develop into mature animals over the course of the following 9-10 months.

All feed fed to the cattle annually is raised on this generational farm resulting in not only high quality feedstuffs but reducing the carbon footprint due to limited transportation needs.  This highly sustainable operation utilizes a rotation that involves corn and hay production as well as soybeans to limit the use of commercial fertilizer.  The waste from the cattle operation is used as an organic fertilizer source as well in this closed loop system.

Increased cattle comfort is a high priority for this family operation.  Cattle are allowed to roam in a dirt field during dry times of the year.  This results in less feet and leg issues due to reduced stress.  Sheds are also provided for cattle to rest in during rain or snow events.

Being close to Upper Iowa Beef results in limited transportation stress during shipment.  The short 1 hour trip is completed by truckers certified in Beef Quality Assurance procedures utilizing techniques honed by years of practice.  Less stress results in not only increased animal comfort but a higher quality beef experience for the consumer.

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